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Private Placement Memorandums

Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) Templates- Why To Beware Most DIY, Discount or Free Forms

A common issue faced by entrepreneurs, founders, start-ups, and other small businesses is how to get documents when they need to raise money for their venture or enter into various agreements, hire employees, or protect their intellectual property.  The cash strapped individuals often look to discount or free services online to help them do things like obtain sample templates, incorporate, or get other form documents they can use.  There are definitely times you can use these sample form templates or online services and there is a link to some document / forms websites, term sheet resources, and sample financing documents on my Top Startup Resources page.  There are private placement memorandum (commonly referred to as PPM) templates online that can give a starting point and I go over what a PPM is, why you need one, and what should be in one on this page. When it comes to do it yourself legal services, you can save money by doing certain things yourself.  Most lawyers don’t create a contract or other document from scratch in most cases, they have sample forms they have used in the past or they get samples through practice guides or other attorneys.  The service you are paying for with the attorney is to tailor the form to your specific needs; however, the additional invaluable service is their guidance and recommendations for other things that you need to consider. For example, if your friend offers to loan your newly formed corporation money, you may find a sample loan or promissory note template and just use that.  However, you may not know about state and federal laws that you could violate by putting in improper terms or failing to file the required securities exemption filings.  This can affect the future of your business and you could end up having to refund the money paid or may be prohibited from offering or selling any security in the future (this includes most forms of raising money, whether loan or sale of stock).  Another example is the online incorporation services that people use.  The founder may not realize that simply filing incorporation papers with the secretary of state.  There are securities law exemption filings usually required and failure to comply with record keeping, corporate governance, and corporate procedures can result in the founder having personal liability for the corporation’s debts or other obligations.  The founders suddenly find themselves losing...

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